it’s been a week since I last posted. Shit has been crazy!!! Work is off the chain, busy as hell and it’s only going to get busier. My time with the sisters is coming to and end and we will all go out separate ways. it sucks but we all gotta grow some cojones and do it. 

Went and saw an apartment today. I ended up getting it but let me tell you the fun filled day that went with it. 

I had my eye (not the wonky one) on this place for a few months. My search started in February and it’s pretty cool I ended up getting it. It’s in the Five Points area of Denver, which is just north of downtown and it’s siiiiiiiiiiiick walking distance to Coors Field. Five Points is/was a shitty part of town but it’s in the middle of a makeover, so it’s a mixture of modern lofts, old charm houses and sexy homeless people. It’ll be interesting to say the least. 

So I check it out with the property manager or Andrew Dice Clay wannabe, I couldn’t tell and let me just tell you, people are still living in these apartments as I am touring. I guess that’s common. Fucking weirds me out. Neither tenants are home, thank you jesus, but they neglected to CLEAN THEIR FUCKING HOUSE!! The actual apartment itself, is fine but if you know people are going to be touring where you drop a deuce and fart you miiiiiight wanna spray a little febreze before ya leave the house. Wow. Anyway, once  the artistic hippie with a cat moves out and Andrew Dice Clay (ADC from now on. I have a feeling he will be around a lot) fixes some shit, I’ll finally be able to get my beautiful furniture in and fly momma sherry out here to help me HGTV the shit out of it, it will be my home for, hopefully, a very long time. i fucking hate moving. Anyway, here it is…


PRETTY SICK HUH?! Their furnishings are just horrid!! Febreze that bitch!! LOL yeah i fucking wish. I’d be tumbling down those stairs on a daily basis. If i did live here, i’d install one of those chairs that goes up stairs. so lazy. 

here are the actual pics of the outside. I’m only going to let you get to see the outside but maybe if things so well, i’ll let you inside :O ooooooooohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy!!


patient gave me a glowing review. Here it is. (click on the title) Made me feel so special and even though he was mostly talking about my appearance, he did also mention that I know my shit. I really love my job and everyone I work with. I am so fucking grateful for the opportunity to work for TGS and they are my family now. I turned down a very high paying job to stay at TGS and make peanuts, but I don’t regret it one bit. We are setting the standard for medical marijuana dispensaries in CO. Now if only Cali could get their shit together. 

Again, when 2 of my favorite things are combined, I get super fucking excited. Madonna actually posted these on her facebook and they just are 2 of the coolest pics I’ve ever seen. What a fucking nutty combo but they rocked it out and I thiiiiiiink that both were pretty successful. If Madonna ever dies, I’ll be hysterical. Please don’t die Madonna